Lisa Ullmann Travelling Scholarship Fund

Registered Charity 1203903

 Original image from Jason Mabana Dedalo Project (2019)



Applications for our 24/25 Anna Carlisle Dancer in Training Award are now open. The deadline to apply is 30 June 2024.

Applications for our 25/26 Main Awards will open 13 November 2024. The deadline to apply is 19 January 2025.

Mission statement

The aim of this small charity is to provide financial support to individuals who wish to travel abroad or in the United Kingdom to attend a conference, to pursue a research project or undertake a short course of study in the field of movement or dance.

Applications are welcome from UK residents aged over 18 irrespective of nationality, gender or previous training. Set up in memory of Lisa Ullmann, since 1987 the Fund has awarded travel scholarships to help people to pursue an extraordinarily wide range of projects.

The diversity of the projects realised and the consequent communication between different sectors of the dance community world-wide is very much in tune with Lisa Ullmann’s own life and work.

She was a distinguished teacher of movement and dance, whose unique work contributed to the dance education of countless students, dancers and teachers.

Nefeli Tsouti by Kien Quan (2015); Candoco in ‘The Argonauts’ choreographed by Ben Duke, photo Giorgi Demetrashvili (2020); Wendy Heseketh (2005); Alessandra Seutin (2011)

Lisa Ullmann Travelling Scholarship Fund has awarded over 500 scholarships amounting to more than £250,000

Laura Dredger (Kyoto, 2020/21)

Laura was able to take up her award and went to Japan in 2022 for a three-week intensive studying Noh and other Japanese theatre traditions.

‘The next steps for me are reflecting and processing both the training and the personal journey.  I am currently in a studio, re-finding the Noh solo in my body after 2 months, but also finding what it is in my body and practice now that I am back in the UK.  I will create a solo response to the trip in its entirety and from this solo generate workshops to facilitate and pass on my discoveries’ Read more

Photo Laura Dredger by Ohshima Takuya (2022)

Crossing Frontiers – LUTSF at 30

by Deborah May: Kinoki Productions