Latest Award Winners

Latest Award Winners

Latest Award Winners

Photos: Neus Gil Cortez by Ross Willows (2016) (left); Laura Jones (2014) (right)

Anusha Subramanyam

Anusha Subramanyam, Artistic Director of her own dance company, Beeja, is a London based choreographer, performer and teacher. She will travel to Mumbai, India to study new vocabularies of folk dance and Bollywood. Her aim – to incorporate these styles into her work in the UK in order to reach and engage wider audiences in South Asian dance.

The scholarship is for £681.

Bawren Tavaziva

Bawren Tavaziva is Artistic Director of Tavaziva Dance Company. He will travel from Wiltshire to Zimbabwe to re-connect with his heritage, collaborate with local and national dance artists and musicians and participate in the annual Harare International Festival of Arts. His aims are the enrichment of his choreographic vocabulary and the documentation of his journey and experiences to form an exhibition that will tour with a forthcoming company production in the UK.

The scholarship is for £801.

Elsabet Yonas

Elsabet Yonas is a Movement Director and Hip Hop teacher at the Roundhouse Street Circus Collective. She will travel from London to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to work with ‘Destino’ – a professional performance company that integrates multiple marginalised groups into its projects. Their community programmes include recruiting young offenders, the homeless and people with disabilities.

The scholarship is for £496.

Erin Sanchez

Erin Sanchez is Manager of Health, Wellbeing and Performance at OneDance UK and Manager of the National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science. She will travel to Melbourne, Australia to undertake self-directed PhD research at leading organisations engaged in innovative programmes investigating dancers’ mental health and education. The project will also enhance the development of the UK Dancers’ Mental Health Charter.

The scholarship is for £795.

Helena Webb

Helena Webb is a freelance dance teacher from London working with young adults with learning disabilities and children in the Primary sector struggling with school. She also runs an on-going dance and choreography programme for men in prison. She will travel to Gothenburg, Sweden to work with Swedish based dance artists on the 2nd phase of an ecology project researching the significance of trees in a rural farmland setting.

The scholarship is for £235.

Janine Harrington

Janine Harrington from London is a performer, teacher and choreographer. She has developed a choreographic practice with projects that engage people in public space both as audiences and participants. She will travel to Auckland, New Zealand to engage in interdisciplinary investigations with two prestigious artists and educators: Alys Longley and Charles Koroneho. Areas of exploration and research will include choreography and contemporary poetics, cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural performance making, and exchanges with dancers, artists and poets.

The scholarship is for £850.

Johnny Autin

Johnny Autin, freelance dance artist and award-winning choreographer from Birmingham, will travel to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to undertake a two-week dance training in traditional dances from East Africa. In addition, he will participate in the creation of a dance-theatre performance at the annual Time2 Dance Festival and create collaborations with leading dance-theatre practitioners.

The scholarship is for £623.

Laura Dredger

Laura Dredger is the Creative Learning Director of the Contemporary Ballet Company – the Yorke Dance Project. She will travel from London to Kyoto, Japan to engage in a three-week intensive training in traditional Japanese theatre techniques. Her aims are two-fold: the creation and delivery of authentic movement workshops to schools, colleges and community groups and the resourcing of her practice as a Movement Director.

The scholarship is for £880.

Lindsey Butcher

Lindsey Butcher is an independent dancer, aerialist and Director of Gravity and Levity Dance Company. She will travel from Brighton to San Francisco, USA to research, compare and contrast arts practices, sponsorship, funding, development strategies and business models in the USA and the UK. She will also present her work to key American choreographers through international discussion, lecture-demonstration and master classes.

The scholarship is for £601.

Rachel Drazek

Rachel Drazek, an experienced Movement Director from Lancashire will travel to New York to train with the international practitioner, Mary Abrams. She will continue the professional development work in Somatic Practices first undertaken at Abrams’ studio ‘Moving Body Resources’ in 2016. She intends to focus on Abram’s work on the Affect system and the biology of emotions and plans to introduce and develop this approach in the UK.

The scholarship is for £300.