Award Winners 2017-2018

Award Winners 2017-2018

Award Winners 2017-2018

Adam Russell, a choreographer and dancer from Newcastle will travel to Santiago, Chile to take part in a six-week cultural exchange research project. This inter-generational dance/theatre project will be a collaboration between local communities in Santiago and Newcastle and culminate in site specific performances in both cities. The scholarship is for £843. report

Adele Wragg from Sheffield is a Dance Artist and Co-Director of ‘Spiltmilk’ Dance. She will travel to Milwaukee and Phoenix USA to take part in the Timeslips programme – an organisation working with people with dementia. She will also attend their annual Conference: ‘Create/Change 2017’. The scholarship is for £895. report

Angus Balbernie, a freelance dance artist and Associate lecturer in choreography at Falmouth
University College is from Totnes. He will travel to Buenos Aires to work as choreography teacher and mentor of students of Espacio LEM. The scholarship is for £740. report

Bethan Peters is currently employed by TrinityLABAN as lead Tutor for the Postgraduate Diploma in Community Dance. She will travel to Svalbard and the Arctic Circle to undertake an ecological Choreographic research residency which will focus on the relationship between the human body and the evolving Arctic landscape. The scholarship is for £405. report

Claire Farmer from London is the part-time Manager of the National Institute of Dance Medicine and Visiting Lecturer at Roehampton University. She will travel to New York to work at the Harkness Centre for Dance Injuries and undertake research with Shaw Bronner, Director Physical Therapy Services, Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre. She will also take part in the Dance USA Conference to chair a discussion regarding the use of technology to disseminate information in the Dance Sector. The scholarship is for £698. report

Elena Catalano is an Odissi dancer, performer, teacher at the Place and Lecturer at Kingston University. She will travel to Bangalore, India to take part in the one-month Odissi Summer Workshop. This is a unique and holistic form of Indian Dance: her aim – to develop her technical, performance and choreographic skills. The scholarship is for £775. report

Iris de Brito, a London-based dance artist, teacher, choreographer and Director of the international Batuke Festival, will travel to Luanda, Angola. She will participate in the 9th annual national Kizomba & Semba competition, research current dance forms and gather information to bring back to the UK to inform her writing of a Guide to Kizomba and inspire her aim to choreograph a theatre work. Iris has formed the first Kizomba Dance School in the UK. The scholarship is for £578. report

Isabel Lloyd from Bristol is a Lecturer and teacher of Afro-Brazilian dance and Capoeira. She will travel to four destinations in Brazil for intensive training in Capeoira and Afro-Brazilian dance forms. The scholarship is for £1,037. report

Kate Snowden from Norfolk trained at the Royal Ballet School. She is now a qualified Dance Movement Psychotherapist and will travel to Mumbai, India to continue her ongoing work with young survivors of sex-trafficking at the Hope Restored Community Centre. The scholarship is for £753.

Suzi Cunningham, a Dance Artist and performer from Edinburgh, will travel to Tokyo, Japan to train and undertake research in Butoh Dance at the Kasuo Ohno Dance Studio and Keio University. She will go on to deliver an academic paper and present a performance at the Music Therapy World Congress in Tsukuba. She plans to incorporate these experiences into a new work with Mamoru Iriguchi at the Edinburgh Festival 2017. The scholarship is for £647. report