Award Winners 2018 to 2019

Award Winners 2018 to 2019

Award Winners 2018 to 2019

Adam Rutherford, performer, choreographer and Artistic Director of Rutherford Dance Company Youth, is based in Birmingham. He will travel to Germany to visit the Palucca Hochschule fur Tanz to observe training methodologies for young dancers in preparation for their future. His aim is to create long terms plans for his Company and build international relationships with a view to exchange and choreographic commissions. The scholarship is for £195. (Unable to take up scholarship)

Ali Golding from London is a choreographer, dance educator and academic researcher. She will travel to Boston Massachusetts to deliver a lecture and workshop at Harvard University. Her subject: the relationship between movement and cognition with a particular focus on autism. The scholarship is for £575. report

Anna May Williams, a dance science graduate intern at TrinityLABAN, will travel to Orange County, California at the invitation of the Performing Arts Medicine Association to deliver an oral presentation. She will share her Masters degree research on Hypermobility and Injury in Dance. The scholarship is for £575. report

Anne-Gaelle Thiriot from London is a dancer, teacher and choreographer. She will travel to Salt Lake City, Utah to undertake research and develop Contact Improvisation practice with pioneers of the form. She will also perform with a team of 12 dancers in ‘The Underscore’ in ‘GLIMPSE 4’ run by Nancy Stark-Smith. The scholarship is for £536. report

Annette Walker from London is a performer, teacher and musician. She will travel to New Smyrna Beach, USA to work with Sheron Wray at the Atlantic Centre for Arts to develop her practice of improvisation in Tap Dance and the visual use of the upper body in performance and choreography. The scholarship is for £850. report

Hannah Lefeuvre is a freelance Community Dance practitioner and university lecturer in Early Childhood Studies from Somerset. She will travel to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to work for two months with a specialist in dance/yoga for Early Years children. The scholarship is for £503.

Heather Richmond from Devon is a choreographer, performer and Artistic Director of Heather Walrond Dance Company. She will travel to Fiji to lead a choreographic project with 10 international artists in order to develop choreographic knowledge and experience of Fijian dance and culture. The scholarship is for £718.

Louisa Borg-Constanzi Potts is the Learning and Participation (Dance) Programme manager at TrinityLABAN Conservatoire of Music and Dance. She will travel to Limassol, Cyprus to take part in an international collaboration to research, develop and produce a cross-arts experimental production which has been in process since 2017. The scholarship is for £220. report

Paul Liburd is a well-known professional performer and teacher from London. He travels to New York to work with faculty teachers of Graham based technique at the Julliard School and the Alvin Ailey School. He will also observe the Graham Company classes in order to develop his knowledge of the Graham Technique from prime sources. The scholarship is for £492. report

Sandra Golding from Birmingham is a practitioner of African Holistic Dance. She will travel to Johannesburg South Africa to work with leading experts in South African Traditional Dance Music and Well Being in order to develop her artistic practice and inform future methodology and training for her work in the UK. The scholarship is for £755. report

Vanessa Grasse from Leeds is a performer, teacher and choreographer. She will travel to California to develop her choreographic research practice focussed on working with large groups in public places. She will take classes and mentoring sessions with Anna Halprin and Simone Forti. The scholarship is for £543. report