Award Winners 2020 to 2021

Award Winners 2020 to 2021

Award Winners 2020-2021

The 2020/2021 cohort of award winners were unable to travel due to the pandemic. LUTSF agreed to honour their scholarships and all winners weren offered take-up of their awards April 2022 – April 2023 although not all awardees were able to complete their planned projects due to personal circumstances.

Laura Dredger is the Creative Learning Director of the Contemporary Ballet Company – the Yorke Dance Project. She travelled from London to Kyoto, Japan to engage in a three-week intensive training in traditional Japanese theatre techniques. Her aims were two-fold: the creation and delivery of authentic movement workshops to schools, colleges and community. Read more.

Bawren Tavaziva is the Artistic Director of Tavaziva. He travelled to Zimbabwe to interact with local organisation AfriKera, collaborate with artists and explore his practice and interdisciplinary African contemporary technique. Read more.

Erin Sanchez is Manager of Health, Wellbeing and Performance at OneDance UK and Manager of the National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science. She will travel to Melbourne, Australia to undertake self-directed PhD research at leading organisations engaged in innovative programmes investigating dancers’ mental health and education. The project will also enhance the development of the UK Dancers’ Mental Health Charter. Read more.