Award Winners – Africa

Destination Year Recipient   Description
Angola, Luanda 2017/2018 Iris De Brito a London-based dance artist, teacher, choreographer and Director of the international Batuke Festival, travelled to Luanda, Angola to participate in the 9th annual national Kizomba & Semba competition, research current dance forms and gather information to bring back to the UK to inform her writing of a Guide to Kizomba and inspire her aim to choreograph a theatre work. Iris has formed the first Kizomba Dance School in the UK.
Egypt, Cairo 2004/2005 Karen Hardman a 48-year-old from Bath travelled to Cairo to attend the Ahlan wa Sahlan Dance Festival and to attend dance workshops
Egypt, Cairo 2004/2005 Elizabeth Hopkins a 45-year-old from Kettering, Northamptonshire travelled to Cairo in order to research social dance in Egypt
Egypt, Cairo 2006/2007 Joice Marise Pereira teacher, choreographer and dancer from Brighton travelled to Cairo, Egypt, to participate in the 2006 Ahlan Wa Sahlan Oriental Dance Festival, attend performances, and to perform in the Festival Showcase
Ethiopia, Addis Ababa 2003/2004 Robin Shillinglaw 23 year-old dancer and community worker in Hertfordshire travelled to Addis Ababa to work for several months with Adugna Dance Company with a view to further collaboration and research.
Ethiopia, Addis Ababa & Romania 2003/2004 Joanne Parkes 30 year-old choreographer and teacher based in London travelled to Addis Ababa to observe/assist Adam Benjamin in community and integrated projects in Ethiopia
Gambia, Kartong 2008/2009 Ukachi Akalawu a 35 year-old performer and administrator, currently living in London, travelled to Gambia to study West African performing arts and the integral nature of the dance, storytelling and music
Ghana 2004/2005 Isaac Acheampong a 34-year-old community arts worker from Hull travelled to Ghana to expand his knowledge of African dance by carrying out practical and documentary research and training
Ghana 2009/2010 Cleo Lake a 29 year old British dance leader and dance artist, currently living in Bristol, travelled to Ghana to learn more of the traditional dances of Ghana and to extend her knowledge of her dual heritage
Kenya, Nairobi & Uganda, Kampala 2004/2005 Gerry Turvey a 50-year-old choreographer from Leeds travelled to Kenya to continue two projects researching into African choreographic practice and styles
Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda 2013/2014 Louisa Pestell a 27 year-old project manager and artistic director from London, will travel to Kenya and Uganda to take part in a knowledge/skills exchange with three key dance organisations in East Africa to research mutually beneficial ways of working and extend her knowledge
Mali, Bamako 2011/2012 Latifat Saka a 47 year-old dancer/choreographer currently living in London, wishes to travel to Bamako, Mali. She will undertake training with Papson Sylla, research dance in local communities under Papson’s guidance, document her experience and develop network of contacts
Namibia, Windhoek 2013/2014 Jen Irons a 36 year-old dancer, teacher and co-artistic director from London, will travel to Windhoek, Namibia. She has been invited by the Ombetja Yehinga Organisation to work with teachers and unemployed young people to share practice and creative approaches to developing issue-based work using the arts as a tool for social development
Senegal 2007/2008 Funmi Adewole freelance performer, writer and story teller living in London, travelled to Senegal. She was invited to participate in an international programme for choreographers and practitioners working with African dance forms at a centre run by the foremost pioneer of African Contemporary dance Germaine Acogny
Senegal 2019/2020 Tina Omotosho is a dancer, choreographer and performer with Uchenna Dance Company. She will travel from Essex to Senegal to attend the Dance Afrique International Workshop at Ecole des Sables. In addition, she will collaborate with local artists to extend vocabulary, knowledge, skills
and choreographic experience.
Senegal – Dakar 2010/2011 Alesandra Seutin a 29 year old Belgian Afro-Contemporary dance teacher is based in London. Travelled to Dakar, Senegal to attend the L’Ecole des Sables first professional workshop for dancers from the African diaspora. She saw this three week course as a unique opportunity to resource her work as a performer and choreographer
South Africa – Cape Town 2010/2011 Helen Linsell a 32 year old dance project manager and Community Dance artist living in Bradford, West Yorkshire, travelled to Cape Town, South Africa to extend her experience and practice. She worked for a month with Dance for All, an organisation that delivers dance to young people from disadvantaged areas in Cape Town and surrounding rural areas. The project included teaching contemporary dance, choreography and research.
South Africa – Cape Town 2010/2011 Lucy Nicholson a 28 year old Community Dance artist currently living in Cumbria travelled to Cape Town, South Africa to take part in a skills exchange with Dance for All, a company who work with disadvantaged young people. Through teaching, choreographic work and the opportunity to be mentored, Lucy aimed to develop as a specialist in this area
South Africa, Cape Town 2005/2006 Rachel Liggitt part-time dance artist in residence at Beaumont College, Lancaster travelled to Cape Town, South Africa, in order to research educational working practices and day-to-day management of ReMix Dance Company with the long-term aim of furthering links between organisations in South Africa and the UK
South Africa, Cape Town 2012/2013 Ellie Beedham a 42 year-old producer and dramaturg from London, will travel to Cape Town, South Africa, to deepen her professional practice and skills in creating political works for the stage and to observe the creation of a new ground-breaking dance work. The scholarship is for £875.
South Africa, Johannesburg 2011/2012 Sheena Kelly a 25 year-old dancer/choreographer from County Tyrone, N. Ireland travelled to Johannesburg, South Africa. She took part in Ithuba, a large scale community dance project with 110 participants from a township near Johannesburg.
South Africa, Johannesburg 2018/2019 Sandra Golding is a practitioner of African Holistic Dance. She will travel to Johannesburg South Africa to work with leading experts in South African Traditional Dance Music and Well Being in order to develop her artistic practice and inform future methodology and training for her work in the UK.
Tanzania, Dar-es-Salaam 2018/2019 Hannah Lefeuvre is a freelance Community Dance practitioner and university lecturer in Early Childhood Studies from Somerset. She will travel to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to work for two months with a specialist in dance/yoga for Early Years children.
Zimbabwe, Harare 2014/2015 Denise Rowe a 38 year-old freelance dance artist from Devon, will travel to Mandere and Harare, Zimbabwe, to train in traditional Zimbabwean dance and mbira through lessons and participation in ceremony to deepen her understanding of the role of dance and music in Shona culture. The scholarship is for £600.