Award Winners – Asia

Destination Year Recipient   Description
Armenia, Yerevan 2002/2003 Ani Tchakmakdjian travelled to Yerevan in Armenia to research the indigenous Armenian dance form for her next choreographic project which focuses on her relationship with her Armenian grandmother, and explores their shared heritage. Ani is a director, choreographer, dancer and teacher
Bangladesh 2004/2005 Charlotte Darbyshire Charlotte Darbyshire, aged 30 from London, and Juliet Robson, a 35 year old from Oxfordshire who also uses a wheelchair travelled to Bangladesh to visit the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed to lead dance workshops, and Sreepur Children’s village to research and record the place of dance in the lives of the children
Bangladesh 2004/2005 Juliet Robson as above
Cambodia 2016/2017 Ellen Steinmuller dance director, teacher and choreographer from Essex will travel to Cambodia to work as technique teacher and choreographic assistant for New Cambodian Artists – an all female contemporary dance company.
China – Beijing 2010/2011 Fenfen Huang a 28 year old Chinese free-lance dance artist, choreographer and tutor living in Liverpool travelled to Beijing for a period of five months to train in Chinese classical dance at the Beijing Dance Academy
China – Beijing 2016/2017 Fenfen Huang teacher, choreographer and Director of China Pearl company is from Liverpool. She will travel to Beijing for advanced training in Chinese classical, folk and sword dancing at the Beijing Dance Academy.
China – Beijing, Wudang 2015/2016 Eileen Pun a poet, writer and movement artist based in Cumbria, will travel to China to deepen her understanding of martial arts at the Wudang Taoist Kung Fu Academy and undertake specialist research with libraries and scholars in Beijing.
India, Ahmedabad 2015/2016 Manuela Benini a performer, choreographer and producer based in London, will travel to Ahmedabad in India to extend her knowledge of choreographic approaches in Kathak dance including the body of work of Kumudini Lakhia.
India, Bangalore 2017/2018 Elena Catalano is an Odissi dancer, performer, teacher at the Place and Lecturer at Kingston University. She travelled to Bangalore, India to take part in the one-month Odissi Summer Workshop. This is a unique and holistic form of Indian Dance: her aim – to develop her technical, performance and choreographic skills.
India, Bangalura 2012/2013 Jyoti Parwana a 23 year-old dentistry student and freelance dancer/teacher from Birmingham, will travel to Bangalura in India to expand her technical knowledge and choreographic skills.
India, Bengaluru 2019/2020 Kamala Devam from London is Artistic Director, choreographer, dancer and teacher of the Kamala Devam Company. She will travel to Bengaluru India to embark on a month-long training course in the ancient South Indian martial art of kalaripayattu. Her aim is to integrate the movement vocabulary and dynamism of this ancient martial art into her choreography and teaching in the UK.
India, Bombay Calcutta 2007/2008 Elizabeth Lea an established dancer and choreographer then touring in the UK and preparing a new work commissioned by ROH2 at the Royal Opera House. She travelled to Bombay and Calcutta to follow the 1923 route of Anna Pavlova’s company in India to research and create new work
India, Chennai 2005/2006 Seeta Patel a dancer with Mavin Khoo Dance travelled to Chennai in India to follow an intensive three-month Bharata Natyam training with Meena Raman
India, Chennai 2009/2010 Deepa Ganash a 36 year old Indian Bharatanatyam dancer and teacher living in Manchester travelled to Chennai in India. She absorbed herself in the 81-year-old festival of music and dance and attended the Natya Kala conference where doyens of dance meet.
India, Coimbatore 2011/2012 Amy Butler a 26 year-old dancer/choreographer living in Leeds travelled to Coimbatore, India, to complete teacher training in Integral Yoga
India, Delhi 2004/2005 Magdalen Gorringe a 31-year-old based in London travelled to Delhi in order to further her training in bharata natyam under dancer/choreographer Leela Samson
India, Goa 2012/2013 Gemma Kempthorne a 29 year-old freelance dance artist from Cornwall, will travel to Goa, India to undertake an intensive four-week teacher training course in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga to enhance her experince of yoga and the culture from which it originates. The scholarship is for £780.
India, Kerala 2003/2004 Marian McHugh 41 year-old drama and movement therapist based in London travelled to Kerala, India, for a one-month teacher training course in Sivananda yoga
India, Kerala 2012/2013 Sita Thomas a 21 year-old freelance solo dancer and workshop leader from Tenby, Pembs, will travel to Kerala, India, to learn about aspects of Keralan dance, in particular Kathakali and Mohiniyaattam. The scholarship is for £550.
India, Mumbai 2017/2018 Kate Snowden trained at the Royal Ballet School. She is now a qualified Dance Movement Psychotherapist and will travel to Mumbai, India to continue her ongoing work with young survivors of sex-trafficking at the Hope Restored Community Centre. The scholarship is for £753.
India, New Delhi 2019/2020 Seetal Dhadyalla from Leicester is a freelance dance artist and project manager. She will travel to New Delhi for advanced training in the unique style of Jaipur gharana Kathak at the National School of Kathak Dance. Classes include music and cultural history.
India, Pune 2011/2012 Madeleine McGowan a 30 year-old dancer/choreographer living in London travelled to Pune, India, to exchange skills with a teacher of Indian tradition of Mallakamb rope at the Academy of Physical Education
India, Pune 2019/2020 Fleur Darkin former Artistic Director of Scottish Dance Theatre, is a freelance choreographer from Fife. She will travel to Pune India to study with Prashant Iyenger in order to deepen her knowledge of the role of breath in Iyengar yoga. She aims to build classes and workshops that centre on breathing as a tool to enhance dance practice, performance and assist participants who suffer from sub-optimum breathing.
India, Vijayawada and Mumbai 2012/2013 Karina Gracia a 38 year-old freelance dance teacher, choreographer and performer from Devon, will travel to Vijayawada and Mumbai in India to improve her dance technique, enhance teaching experience and choreographic skills and develop her knowledge of the culture. The scholarship is for £686.
India, West Bengal 2011/2012 Hannah Lefeuvre a 29 year-old British dancer and choreographer from Yeovil, travelled to West Bengal, India to shadow and deliver dance and movement practice at BASHS, a centre for primary education and health care for underprivileged children in West Bengal
Indonesia, Bali, Ubud 2009/2010 Tiffany Strawson a 36 year old British theatre artist, currently living in Totnes, Devon, travelled to Bali to learn female and women’s performance roles within the Topeng mask genre with Ni Ketut Arini.
Indonesia, East Java, Malang 2005/2006 Gillian Roberts who teaches Indonesian dance and T’ai Chi in London travelled to Melang, East Java, in order to refresh and extend her knowledge of traditional dance forms, to document fast vanishing dances, and to incorporate these experiences into her performing and teaching
Indonesia,Yogyakarta&Surakarta 2004/2005 Ni Made Pujawati Hobart a 32-year-old Indonesian dancer based in London travelled to Indonesia for two months to extend her repertoire of classical Javanese dances and, in particular, to learn three classical Javanese dances for UK and European performances
Israel – Tel Aviv 2010/2011 Daliah Toure a 32 year old Austrian performer and teacher living in Leeds travelled to Tel Aviv, Israel to attend the 9th Israeli Contact Improvisation Festival to develop and define her own practice and extend her teaching and choreographing skills
Israel, Tel Aviv 2007/2008 Vanessa Cook a dancer with five years experience with Motionhouse, and currently living in Warwick, will travel to Tel Aviv to attend Israel’s International Contact Festival and to participate in a range of workshops. The workshops take place in a number of different environments and with different master teachers
Israel, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem 2008/2009 Paul Jackson a 48 year-old musician, dance administrator and author currently living in Hampshire, wishes to travel to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. He will research Robert Cohan’s work in Israel in preparation for a biography
Israel, Tel Aviv 2012/2013 Elena Jacinta a 29 year-old freelance performer and choreographer from London, will travel to Tel Aviv, Israel, to develop an understanding of Gaga, a method of movement training developed by Ohad Naharin, director of Batsheva Dance Company.
Japan – Tokyo 2017/2018 Suzi Cunningham a Dance Artist and performer from Edinburgh, will travel to Tokyo, Japan to train and undertake research in Butoh Dance at the Kasuo Ohno Dance Studio and Keio University. She will go on to deliver an academic paper and present a performance at the Music Therapy World Congress in Tsukuba. She plans to incorporate these experiences into a new work with Mamoru Iriguchi at the Edinburgh Festival 2017.
Japan – Tokyo 2014/2015 Alicia Frost a 38 year-old from London, will travel to Tokyo, Japan where she is invited to attend the World Congress Conseil International de Danse (CID) as a contemporary dance teacher, choreographer and artist, sharing her work by teaching and performing.
Japan – Tokyo 2015/2016 Hakan Redjep a community dance artist and choreographer from London, will travel to Tokyo, Japan to undertake a self-directed programme of professional development in collaboration with Japanese dancer Minori Naigai, integrated dance company MUSE and the Universities of Tokyo and Seijo
Japan – Tokyo 2010/2011 Rebecca Woodford-Smith a 29 year old dance and theatre practitioner based in Aberstwyth, will travel to Toyko. She will participate in a project with the Butoh-influenced company, Gekidan Kaitaisha and undertake research as part of her PhD in Performance Practice
Japan, Tokyo 2006/2007 Maho Ihara dancer and education worker with The Cholmondleys, travelled to Japan, Tokyo to study Budo (Japanese martial arts philosophy) for four weeks with Akiro Hino, a leading Budo practitioner, in order to develop new methods of working
Japan, Tokyo 2007/2008 Sasha Roubicek a dancer in London who performed with Siobhan Davies Dance Company for eight years, will travel to Tokyo to attend an intensive course with Aikido teacher and mentor Minoru Inaba at the Meiji Shrine
Japan, Tokyo 2011/2012 Dominique Baron-Bonarjee a 38 year-old dancer/choreographer currently living in London, wishes to travel to Tokyo, Japan. She will develop her knowledge and experience of Butoh, visit archives, and attend workshops with celebrated Butoh artists
Japan, Tokyo 2012/2013 Hollie Miller a 23 year-old dancer and administrator from Effingham, Surrey, will travel to Tokyo to extend her practical knowledge and develop theoretical awareness of Butoh by attending workshops and watching performances
Japan, Tokyo 2013/2014 Avatara Ayuso a 31 year-old choreographer, dancer and teacher from London, will travel to Tokyo to undertake research on contemporary dance in order to further understand the Japanese approach to performing arts and to develop choreographic skills
Japan, Tokyo 2013/2014 Paolo Mangiola a 34 year-old freelance choreographer from London, will travel to Tokyo to continue exploration started in 2012 on the concept of ‘nuclear energy’ and the impact it has on our lives through engaging with the dance community in Tokyo
Java & Bali 2004/2005 Adam Barker a 38-year-old teacher and performer from Crediton, Devon, has been awarded up to £725 to travel to Java and Bali in order to study Kjak Dance and voice and music, to create performance and to create video and audio material
Jordan & Israel 2005/2006 Katrina Carter who works with disaffected young people in Kent, has been awarded £450 to travel to Jordan and Israel in order ../to study her cultural roots and spend time with three contemporary arts organisations as a basis for new aerial-dance work
Sri Lanka 2010/2011 Rhiana Laws a 30 year old British freelance Contemporary dance artist currently works in Scotland providing training for artists wishing to use dance to work with challenging behaviour. She wishes to develop her practice in a different culture and will travel to Sri Lanka to work for the Butterfly Peace Garden Project. She will work with children traumatised by war and the Tsunami.
Taiwan, Tainan 2012/2013 Kate Pendlebury a 36 year-old freelance dance artist and film maker from London, will travel to Taiwan to take up an invitation from Tainan Community University to participate in a summer project as guest artist-in-residence. The scholarship is for £680.
Taiwan, Tainan 2012/2013 Iris Tomlinson a 65 year-old freelance dance artist/educator/t’ai chi practitioner from Hove, will travel to Taiwan to take up an invitation from Tainan Community University to participate in a summer project as guest artist-in-residence. The scholarship is for £680.