Award Winners – Europe

Destination Year Recipient   Description
Arctic Circle, Svalbard 2017/2018 Bethan Peters currently employed by TrinityLABAN as lead Tutor for the Postgraduate Diploma in Community Dance, travelled to Svalbard and the Arctic Circle to undertake an ecological Choreographic research residency which will focus on the relationship between the human body and the evolving Arctic landscape.
Austria, Tyrol 2005/2006 Amanda Weaver working with Random Dance Company travelled to the Austrian Tyrol to attend a one-month Yoga Teacher Training course with the aim of teaching Yoga alongside a contemporary class to dancers
Austria, Vienna 2006/2007 Navala Chaudhari a young dancer with the Akram Khan Dance Company travelled to Vienna, Austria, to participate in a five-week intensive summer residency as part of the Impulstanz festival which offers a multi-national training.
Austria, Vienna 2015/2016 Catherine Dulin a freelance choreographer and actress from London, will travel to Vienna to conduct in-depth research as part of her PhD studies around the evolution of the Waltz, accessing resources available only in Vienna.
Austria, Vienna 2006/2007 Saju Hari freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher from London travelled Vienna, Austria, to attend a five-week intensive contemporary dance residency, danceWEB 2006, as part of a personal development programme.
Austria, Vienna 2013/2014 Frances Clarke a 51 year-old senior lecturer from Birmingham, will travel to Vienna to attend the “International Symposium on Performance Science” in order to develop her work as a practitioner and researcher in dance science and her understanding of psychological techniques
Austria, Vienna 2013/2014 Janine Harrington  a 28 year-old freelance choreographer and dancer from London, will travel to Vienna to participate in the “ImPulse Tanz Festival workshops and Performance programme”. She aims to immerse herself in the working methods of several international artists
Bulgaria, Sophia 2006/2007 Karen Michaelsen dance teacher and arts co-ordinator from York travelled to Sophia, Bulgaria, to attend the Ritual Dance Seminar and Tour and, in the company of local experts, to study ritual dance in traditional village contexts
Croatia, Zagreb 2009/2010 Karolina Bieszczad-Roley a 29 year old Polish dancer photographer with a training in Butoh living in London travelled to travel to Zagreb to attend Performance Studies International Conference and present a 20 minute paper on photographing Butoh dance, and meet other researchers.
Cyprus, Limmasol 2018/2019 Louisa Borg-Constanzi Potts is the Learning and Participation (Dance) Programme manager at TrinityLABAN Conservatoire of Music and Dance. She will travel to Limassol, Cyprus to take part in an international collaboration to research, develop and produce a cross-arts experimental production which has been in process since 2017.
England 2004/2005 Lucy Wallis a 27-year-old from Kent travelled throughout England in order to research the way in which English folk dance has evolved and has been adapted, distorted and re-worked since the advent of the post-modern era
England, Charmouth 2015/2016 Satya Dunning a dance artist from Glasgow, will travel to Charmouth, England, to undertake the Walk of Life course led by Helen Poyner in May 2015, as part of her professional development around developing her own system of somatic movement training in Scotland
England, Coventry 2011/2012 Siobhan O’Neill a 46 year-old dancer/choreographer living in London travelled to Coventry to undertake the second year of Skinner Releasing Technique Teacher Training
England, Derby 2008/2009 Tim Clarke 50 year-old artist currently living in Leicester made twelve trips to Derby to visit Derby Dance Centre to draw a movement and dance group.
England, Kent and Oxfordshire 2012/2013 Helen Venn a 33 year-old freelance community dance practitioner from Braunton, Devon, will travel to Bromley, Kent, and Banbury, Oxfordshire to undertake work placements with two of the UK’s leading dance companies for people with learning disabilites to develop her skills in this field.
England, London 2012/2013 Fiona Wright a 45 year-old freelance choreographer, dancer and teacher from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, will make six visits to London to undertake Feldenkrais Method Training to gain a teaching qualification. The scholarship is for £492.
Europe, Hamburg, Lisbon, London, Antwerp, Hamburg 2009/2010 Saffinez Setohy a 26 year old British dancer and choreographer living in London travelled to Hamburg, Lisbon, and Antwerp to participate in the European exchange/professional development programme ‘Dance Beyond Borders’
Europe, Portugal, Lisbon;Holland, Antwerp; England, London 2009/2010 Rachel Birch-Lawson a 23 year old British dancer and choreographer living in London travelled to Lisbon, Antwerp, and Hamburg to participate in ‘Dance Beyond Borders’, a transcultural dance education project involving a series of residencies.
France, Burgundy 2016/2017 Natalia Barua is from London. She is Programme Co-ordinator for East London Dance and Lead Dance Practitioner at Diverse Dance Studios. She travelled to France to attend and participate in the 2016 International Screendance Conference and workshops held at the International Dance Festival of Burgundy.
France, Lyon 2006/2007 Rohanna Halls performer and teacher working as a resident artist with the Devon Arts in Schools Initiative travelled to the Centre National de la Danse in Lyon, France, to take part in a two-week intensive workshop with Yuval Pick
France, Marseille 2014/2015 Lucille Teppa a 27 year-old performer, choreographer and translator
from London, will travel to Marseille, France, to undertake a two-week residency with free studio space to research movement material for innovative choreography. The scholarship is for £120.
Germany, Braunschweig 2002/2003 Robert Lessels a full-time dance instructor, performer and choreographer from Cambridge travelled to Braunschweig in Germany to attend an international B-Boy (Break dancing) dance championship with opportunities to attend seminars, displays and exchange information
Germany, Braunschweig 2002/2003 Robert Lessels a full-time dance instructor, performer and choreographer from Cambridge travelled to Braunschweig in Germany to attend an international B-Boy (Break dancing) dance championship with opportunities to attend seminars, displays and exchange information
Germany, Berlin 2014/2015 Jack Wignall a 22 year-old apprentice dancer with Skanes Dansteater in Sweden, from Northwich, Cheshire, will travel to Germany, staying near Berlin to visit the artists’ retreat of Penderosato take part in a 30-day extensive course with David Zambrano to study techniques of Flying-low and Passing-through. The scholarship is for £150.
Germany, Berlin 2019/2020 Paul Michael Henry from Scotland is an independent artist, international performer and teacher of Butoh dance. He will travel from Glasgow to Berlin to take up an invitation to participate in a programme of intensive training, performance and networking at ‘! Festival, directed by renowned Butoh master Yumiko Yoshioka.
Germany, Berlin 2019/2020 Rosie Heafford from Surrey has been selected by Assitej UK to represent Great Britain at the international exchange conference ‘Directors in TYA’ in Berlin. Assitej is a world-wide organisation dedicated to the artistic, cultural and educational rights of children and young people. As Artistic Director of ‘Second Hand Dance’ currently touring internationally, the invitation affords an opportunity to access a global network, take part in seminars, creative exploration, view performances and further her practice as a choreographer making work for young audiences.
Germany, Dresden 2018/2019 Adam Rutherford performer, choreographer and Artistic Director of Rutherford Dance Company Youth, is based in Birmingham. He will travel to Germany to visit the Palucca Hochschule fur Tanz to observe training methodologies for young dancers in preparation for their future. His aim is to create long terms plans for his Company and build international relationships with a view to exchange and choreographic commissions.
Germany, Dusseldorf; France, Montpelier; 2012/2013 Phillip Hargreaves a 24 year-old dance producer from Bradford, will travel to Dusseldorf and Montpelier to attend two high profile industry festivals to see work, network and attend seminars.
Germany, Frankfurt 2015/2016 Tamara Tomic-Vajagic a dance lecturer based in London, will travel to Frankfurt, Germany to undertake the first phase of her research project exploring the unique role of dancers as artistic collaborators and performers in The Forsythe Company
Germany, Gottenborn 2011/2012 Marguerite Galizia a 29 year-old, Maltese dancer and choreographer living in London travelled to Gottenborn, Germany to participate in an international research laboratory led by Johannes Birringer, with a range of artists working with digital devices in a performance context
Germany, Klein Leppin 2006/2007 Kathinka Walter choreographer and dance teacher from Leeds travelled to Klein Leppin near Berlin where she had been invited to assist the artistic director of Festland e.V., Steffan Tast, for a new project with the Rundfunk Symphony Orchester/Berlin with socially disadvantaged young people.
Greece, Athens 2008/2009 Helen Williams a 29 year-old choreographer and researcher living in Newcastle upon Tyne travelled to Athens to attend the 22nd World Congress on Dance Research and present a lecture demonstration.
Greece, Athens 2011/2012 Henrietta Hale a 37 year-old dancer/choreographer living in London travelled to Athens, Greece to participate in a choreographic research residency at the Duncan Dance Research Centre, an opportunity to share practice with practitioners from different cultural backgrounds
Greece, Thessaloniki 2014/2015 Michael Machin a 56 year-old accompanist, teacher and self-employed computer programmer from Cumbria, will travel to Thessaloniki, greece, to attend the Pontos Project seminar to learn dances, music and songs from different areas of Pontos and attend lectures. The scholarship is for £280.
Ireland, Cork 2003/2004 Miriam King 43 year-old performer and choreographer based in Brighton made four visits to Cork, Ireland, to undertake a residency at the Institute for Choreography and Dance
Ireland, Dublin 2003/2004 Julie Hynes 37 year-old Irish dance teacher living in Pembrokeshire made two trips to Ireland to attend Irish dance workshops and to take a teachers’ qualification
Ireland, Limerick 2015/2016 Helka Kaski a performer based in London, will travel to Limerick, Ireland to undertake an exploratory dance residency with Stephanie McMann at Dance Limerick as part of her transition from performer to multi-faceted collaborator.
Ireland, Limerick 2015/2016 Stephanie McMann a dance artist from London, will travel to Limerick Ireland, to undertake an exploratory dance residency with Helka Kaski at Dance Limerick, as part of her transition into the next phase of her dance career.
Italy, Bologna 2007/2008 Susan Scarth a lecturer/researcher in Dance Movement Therapy and chair of the Association of Dance Movement Therapy in the UK travelled to Bologna where she had been invited to attend a conference that seeks to promote and develop Dance Movement Therapy in Europe
Italy, Bologna 2013/2014 Elizabeth Clark a 39 year-old dance artist and co-artistic director from Loughborough, will travel to Bologna to take part in “La Baracca Testoni Ragazzi International Festival for early Childhood”; she will attend performances, conferences and master classes to explore work and artistic processes
Italy, Sardinia, Nuoro 2003/2004 John Clifford 49 year-old Junior Morris administrator located in Bristol travelled to Sardinia to visit the 2003 Europeade Dance Festival prior to taking a youth team in 2004, and inviting the festival to England for 2008
Italy, Turin 2010/2011 Andrew Kim a 40 year old American pupeteer and Artistic Director of Thingumajig Theatre living in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. He was one of five performers invited to travel to Turin to participate in the Incanti Project, a three week master class taught by the legendary master pupeteer, Frank Soehnle
Italy, Venice 2008/2009 Wendy Houston a 49 year-old performer, choreographer and teacher living in London travelled to Bassano del Grappa in Italy for a research residency by Operestate Festival Veneto in order to develop a new piece dealing with the notion of translation.
Netherlands, Amsterdam 2008/2009 Bonnie Meekums 55 year-old lecturer living in Tameside, travelled to Amsterdam to attend the 4th Congress on Pyschomotricity to develop networks, attend lectures and workshops and present a paper.
Netherlands/Italy, Rotterdam/Bassano del Grappa 2015/2016 Danielle Jones * a dance artist from London, will travel to Rotterdam, Holland and Bassano del Grappa, Italy to further develop her dance practice with people with Parkinson’s, working with specialist dance for Parkinson’s artists in both locations.
Norway 2019/2020 Scarlett Perdereau from London is a freelance dance artist teaching at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and runs and facilitates the Forum on Embodied Practice. She will travel to Norway at the invitation of the Norwegian organisation SIB Lab to facilitate, take part and introduce the UK Forum on Embodied Practice to a wider community of dance practitioners in the Nordic countries.
Norway, Hammerfest 2011/2012 Gabrielle Agis a 50 year-old dancer/choreographer living in London travelled to Hammerfest, Norway to research the imagery used in traditional dances of the Sami people in Northern Lapland.
Norway, Hammerfest 2016/2017 Emelie Wangstedt a free-lance dancer and choreographer from London will travel to Hammerfest, Norway, to create a performance: “Recycling the Past’, and lead workshops for children aged 10 and under.
Norway, Trondheim 2016/2017 Ben McEwen dancer and teacher from Chester will travel to Norway to take part in a one month choreographic research residency, ‘A Farewell to Flesh’, which will investigate the concept of carnival as a place of transformation.
Portugal, Lisbon 2015/2016 Nuno Silva a dance artist based in London, will travel to Lisbon, Portugal to research the dance movement which once existed in the Portuguese music genre of Fado in collaboration with the Fado Museum, traditional Fado Houses and local singers, guitarists and historians.
Portugal, Lisbon 2009/2010 Errol White a 38 year old British dancer and choreographer living in Edinburgh travelled to Portugal, Lisbon to explore the relationship between choreographer and composer.
Russia, Moscow 2019/2020 Alex McCabe from Glasgow is an independent choreographer, educator and inter-cultural project facilitator working with inclusive dance. He will attend Moscow’s Inclusive Dance Festival in order to resource his practice in the UK.The focus of the Festival will centre on international and inter-cultural perspectives on dance and access.
Scotland, Edinburgh 2011/2012 Emily Shaw a 39 year-old dancer/choreographer currently living in Brighton travelled to Dance Base in Edinburgh to study Peggy Hackney’s approach using Bartenieff’s Principles, exploring areas of personal growth and creativity
Scotland, Edinburgh 2014/2015 Rosie Heafford a 26 year-old freelance teacher and choreographer from Surrey, will travel to Edinburgh, Scotland, to visit the ‘Imaginate Festival’, Scotland’s international Festival of Performing Arts for young people to watch performances, attend discussions and masterclasses in order to learn more about making dance for children. The scholarship is for £120.
Scotland, Edinburgh 2016/2017 Katy Noakes an independent producer currently working as ADAD South-west regional programmer from Bristol will travel to Edinburgh to revisit a revised production by North American company, Bluemouth Inc in order to inform plans to programme the work in Bristol in 2017. The scholarship is for £170.
Scotland, Findhorn 2006/2007 Hagit Bar-Fleming dancer, teacher and choreographer from London travelled to Findhorn, Scotland, to take part in a Solo Performance Commissioning Project led by Deborah Hay
Scotland, Findhorn 2015/2016 Evangelia Kolyra a performer and choreographer based in London, will travel to the Findhorn Community in Scotland to participate in a research week with US choreographer Deborah Hay.
Scotland, Findhorn 2006/2007 Lauren Potter rehearsal director for the post-graduate performance group at London School of Contemporary Dance travelled travel to Findhorn in Scotland to take part in the Deborah Hay Solo Commissioning Project.
Scotland, Isle of Skye 2010/2011 Kaja Bjorntvedt a 28 year old London based Norwegian composer working in collaboration with choreographers wished to extend her collaborative skills through an invitation to the Isle of Skye to attend rarescale, an electric-acoustic artistic retreat to focus on soundscores for contemporary dance
Slovakia, Banska 2013/2014 Thomas Davies a 22 year-old break dance teacher from Newport, Gwent, will travel to Banksa, Slovakia, to attend “Catch the Flavour Breakdance Summer Camp” which is taught by four pioneers of breakdance. The Camp culminates in a jam called “Outbreak Europe”.
Spain, Barcelona 2002/2003 Gillian Cornelius lecturer and freelance dance practitioner from Poole travelled to Barcelona for a two-month placement with the Spanish Dance Company, Senza Tempo
Spain, Barcelona 2016/2017 Jose Agudo a free-lance choreographer and rehearsal director for Akram Khan Company is from London. He travelled to Barcelona to return to his roots in Flamenco for the research and creation of a new solo work.
Spain, El Arlequi, Banyoles, Girona 2009/2010 Antonio Guedes a 27 year old Spanish contemporary dancer and choreographer living in London travelled to Girona in Spain to train with Julyen Hamilton at an annual workshop on Dance Technique and Improvisation.
Spain, Madrid 2002/2003 Marina Grut president and founder member of the Spanish Dance Society in Europe, living in London, travelled to Madrid to study with the sole teacher of Escuela Bolero in its original form in order to make video recording to go with book on the Bolera School that she has had published
Spain, Madrid 2003/2004 Matthew Morris 33 year-old Australian dancer based in London travelled to New York City to spend a month visiting different companies and developing his photographic work
Sweden, Malmo 2007/2008 Sonia Sabri a freelance dancer currently living in Birmingham travelled to Malmo in Sweden to participate in a choreographic development project with Lisa Turin to inform her own creativity in Kathak
Sweden, Stockholm 2008/2009 Becky Edmunds a 41 year-old dance artist and videographer living in West Sussex travelled to Sweden to undertake a screen dance research project at the invitation of Shoot, Swedish Dance for the Camera Festival.
Sweden, Stockholm 2012/2013 Dora Frankel a 60 year-old artistic director, teacher and choreographer from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, will travel to Stockholm to attend the conference ‘Ballet: Why and How’ in order to explore and engage with changes and developments in international practice. The scholarship is for £271.