Report Writing

These guidelines have been written in response to requests from Awardees for information about what form the Report should take. Each Awardee is required to submit a Report within TWO MONTHS of their return, describing briefly how the Scholarship has been of value. You are requested to submit your Report on time, and to aim to provide an attractive and interesting account of your experiences and how the scholarship has benefitted your personal development and professional practice.
Purpose of the Report
Reports serve several purposes. Firstly, writing a report requires you to reflect on the experiences of your study trip and you may find that this process is beneficial. Secondly, LUTSF draws on Awardees’ Reports to help publicize the Fund. Thirdly, reports are significant to the future of the Fund as they can be used by LUTSF in support of applications for funding. Fourthly, the Report is required in order to account for the Scholarship you have received.
Since July 2003 LUTSF has published all reports on the LUTSF website. You are requested, therefore, to submit your report and covering letter as a Word file on CD together with one copy of any supporting material such as photographs and video. LUTSF assumes that copyright of accompanying photos and video belongs to the report author and may be used on the LUTSF website and in other LUTSF publicity unless otherwise indicated. Whenever possible, please include on your CD two high resolution images as .jpg files which might be used in print format publicity.
The Report should be sent to the LUTSF Reports Secretary and should be supported by a covering letter. The covering letter should include
• title, dates, place, timescale of project/conference etc;
• how far the purpose of your project was achieved;
• notes about any particular highlights in your travels;
• suggestions which could help future Awardees;
• plans to share information about your project with others.
The Report
This should cover the professional aspects of the project undertaken, for example,
• a description of your project, reflection on the impact of your journey on you both personally and
professionally, any outcomes, conclusions or recommendations which you are able to indicate. It could well be in the form of an article you are writing for a newsletter or journal or for a group with whom you work;
• LUTSF recommends a 2-4 page report. This may be supported by photos, video or other material as appropriate to your project. Be aware that if a report is too lengthy, it loses impact;
Please note that:
• your report and covering letter must be submitted as Word files with the extension .doc or .docx or .rtf unless agreement has been gained to present in a different format;
• LUTSF encourages you to take every opportunity to disseminate information about your project within your sphere of influence and interest;
• you are required to submit the CD to the LUTSF Reports Secretary within TWO MONTHS of your return from your travels.
Please complete and include the attached document: Report Cover