Award Winners 2016 to 2017

Anna-Luiza Clasper, performer and teacher from London will travel to Havana. She has been accepted at the Danza Contemporanea de Cuba to study dance forms based on Afro-Cuban, Graham and Ballet techniques. The scholarship is for £950.

Ben McEwen, dancer and teacher from Chester will travel to Norway to take part in a one month choreographic research residency, ‘A Farewell to Flesh’, which will investigate the concept of carnival as a place of transformation. The scholarship is for £200. report

Dane Hurst, national award-winning performer from London will travel to New York and Rwanda and South Africa to research dance methodology and practice which focusses on working with students from challenging backgrounds: the aim to set up an annual tuition and performance project. The scholarship is for £440. report

Ella Peck, B-Girl, performer, choreographer and founder of Ella Mesma Company from Bristol, will travel to New York to enrich knowledge and skills of the relationship between Salsa, Breaking and Rocking. The scholarship is for £550. report

Ellen Steinmuller, dance director, teacher and choreographer from Essex will travel to Cambodia to work as technique teacher and choreographic assistant for New Cambodian Artists – an all female contemporary dance company. The scholarship is for £605. report

Emelie Wangstedt, a free-lance dancer and choreographer from London will travel to Hammerfest, Norway, to create a performance: “Recycling the Past’, and lead workshops for children aged 10 and under. The scholarship is for £410. report

Emma Houston, a dancer and teacher from Scotland, will travel to New York and Los Angeles to continue her professional development as a breakdance performer and teacher. The scholarship is for £705. report

Fenfen Huang, teacher, choreographer and Director of China Pearl company is from Liverpool. She will travel to Beijing for advanced training in Chinese classical, folk and sword dancing at the Beijing Dance Academy. The scholarship is for £780. report

Jose Agudo, a free-lance choreographer and rehearsal director for Akram Khan Company is from London. He will travel to Barcelona to return to his roots in Flamenco for the research and creation of a new solo work. The scholarship is for £300. report

Kamara Gray, dance lecturer and teacher from London, will travel to Los Angeles to research and study Jazz dance,its history and connection to dance of the African diaspora. She will work alongside Sheron Wray, Associate Professor of Dance. UCLA. The scholarship is for £640. report

Katy Noakes, an independent producer currently working as ADAD South-west regional programmer from Bristol will travel to Edinburgh to revisit a revised production by North American company, Bluemouth Inc in order to inform plans to programme the work in Bristol in 2017. The scholarship is for £170. report

Margaret Williams, is a dance film-maker from London. She is currently Artist in Residence at the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation and will travel to Los Angeles at the invitation of Victoria Marks to teach a semester on Dance Film. She will also collaborate with Professor Marks to develop a new dance film. The scholarship is for £450. report

Marguerite Galizia, a freelance dance artist, choreographer and Pilates teacher is from London. She will travel to California to attend a 5-day workshop with Anna Halprin: ‘Empowering Creativity through Movement and Dance’. The project will take place at Halprin’s Mountain Home Studio and is organised by the Tampala Institute. The scholarship is for £700. report

Natalia Barua Brownlie, is from London. She is Programme Co-ordinator for East London Dance and Lead Dance Practitioner at Diverse Dance Studios. She will travel to France to attend and participate in the 2016 International Screendance Conference and workshops held at the International Dance Festival of Burgundy. The scholarship is for £200. report

Pepa Ubera, is a performer, choreographer, teacher and curator based in London. She has recently been invited to participate in the Sadlers Wells Summer University programme. She will travel to India to study Kundalini and Tantric philosophies, and movement , rituals and sound spiritual practices in relation to daily performances. The work will inform her next project in the U.K. The scholarship is for £550.