Postal Applications

Postal Applications

To make an application by post, please send FOUR signed copies of the completed application form together with supporting information (see application form for details).

Forms must arrive by 25th January at the latest.

Please post forms to: LUTSF Secretary, Stable Cottage, Manley, Hall, Erbistock, Wrexham LL13 0DH

Guidelines for completing the postal application form

Guidelines have been drafted to provide you with the information you need to submit an application by post.

Please read carefully.

  1. Typed forms are preferred but handwritten forms will be accepted if clearly written.
  2. Clear presentation is essential with sufficient detail but you should not exceed the word length or space provided.
  3. Extra pages are not required except for those requested on the application form.
  4. You are required to submit FOUR signed copies of the application form together with the supporting information listed on page 4 of the form. Attach only what is requested. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Completing the Application Form

Page 1

Project summary: This information may be used for publicity so please aim to describe your project clearly briefly and accurately in no more than 50 words.

Page 2

Training and work: You should list your initial training in chronological order with the most recent at the top; then list your work, again with your current work (as on page 1) at the top

References: You are required to give the names and addresses of TWO referees and enclose a letter of support for this project from ONE of them. This letter of support should not exceed one side of A4 and should be attached to each copy of your application form. The persons you select to act as referees should have known you professionally for at least two years.

Page 3

Description of your project: You should explain clearly what you want to do and how you hope to achieve your aims. You should describe any preliminary work you have done, contacts you have made and why the project is significant in your work.

Page 4

Explain: Here you should explain why the present time is ideal for you to undertake your project and, then explain how the experience will assist both your personal development and professional practice.

Supplementary information: please read the requirements at the end of the application form carefully and attach ONLY what is requested.

To download a postal application form please click here