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2017/2018 Scholarships

LUTSF has pleasure in announcing 10 travel scholarships for 2017/18. The projects selected highlight the policy of the Fund to support a diverse range of journeys and to assist individuals at different stages in their careers to travel to enrich their practice and pursue a personal passion.
Lisa Ullmann, in whose memory the Fund was established in 1986, was an inspiration to those who knew her or who came into contact with her work. A distinguished teacher, she travelled worldwide to teach others. It is in memory of her vivacity, passion and energy that the committee continues her work by selecting movement and dance practitioners to further or celebrate their own practice by making a journey. Since giving its first awards in 1987 LUTSF has provided over 500 travel scholarships to help people to pursue an extraordinarily wide range of projects. To date, these awards have totalled in excess of £260,000.
As in previous years, applications for awards this year were received from a wide spectrum of the dance world. Though fewer eligible applications were received, the committee was encouraged to see that the quality of eligible applications was consistently high and LUTSF would like to urge all colleagues to continue to convey the work of the fund to all sectors of the dance world.
LUTSF projects for 2017/18 include: (full list available on the website)
• Kingston-upon-Thames to Bangalore to participate in the one-month Odissi Summer Workshop to develop technical, performance and choreographic skills.
• Newcastle to Chile for a cultural exchange research project aiming to unite local communities through personal stories, dance and theatre.
• Sheffield to Phoenix, Arizona, to work creatively with people with dementia.
• London to Artic Circle to understand and share an embodied experience of the impact of climate change.
• Bognor Regis to India to conduct a series of therapeutic, creative dance sessions on the theme of ‘Hope’ with survivors of sex trafficking.
• London to USA to further knowledge, share expertise and connect international experts in the field of dancers health through the integration of digital technology.
• Edinburgh to Tokyo to undertake research and train in Butoh Dance at the Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio, present a performance and incorporate these experiences in a new work in collaboration with Mamoru Iriguchi at the 2017 Edinburgh Festival.

A total of £7,385 has been awarded to 10 winners. Of the 10, 2 are under 30, 5 are between 31 and 40, 2 are 41 to 50 and 1 is over 50. There are 2 male awardees and 8 female, 1 with a disability. The geographical spread of awardees is as follows: 2 from South West, 2 from North East and Yorkshire, 1 from the East, 1 from Scotland and 4 from London.

LUTSF gratefully acknowledges the support of the late Vivien Gear as well as many individual donors. The Management Committee of the Fund would like to congratulate scholarship winners, and is delighted that LUTSF is able to make possible so many exciting projects. The LUTSF website carries reports from all scholarship winners since 2002, and these reports give some insight into the value of the experiences gained from these travel awards.

Donations (one-off gifts, covenants, or bequests) to make it possible for LUTSF to continue its work are gratefully received and should be sent to: The Treasurer (LUTSF), c/o Charlton Associates, 16 Berkeley Mews, Cheltenham, GL50 1DY

Application Forms can be completed online (or, if need be, downloaded and printed) from 2nd November 2017 and must be submitted to arrive by 18th January 2018. No late applications are considered. Forms can also be obtained on receipt of an A5 SAE (1st class stamp) from: The Secretary (LUTSF), c/o Charlton Associates, 16 Berkeley Mews, Cheltenham, GL50 1DY

LUTSF does not offer scholarships to anyone under 18 years of age, undergraduates or those studying for masters degrees where the project relates directly to MA studies. Travel relating to doctoral studies will be considered.

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